Multi Screen World


This is a great infographic from Think with Google. According to their studies (which seem very in depth) peoples media habits have changed dramatically with the advent of smartphones and tablets and the “always on” lifestyle.

People are using these devices more and more in conjunction with other devices. Information seeking and research is now done across a few device types, starting on one and ending on another. For example, people are watching tv, checking out prices on their smartphones (while they watch) and then moving on to a laptop or tablet for further research, reviews, recommendations etc. The research shows the device usage depends on things like goals, content, location and time on our hands. All leading to different interactions and different usages to source the required information.

The report also talks about the types of interaction we have on each different device and the how we switch between Simultaneous and sequential usage.

So how can we take advantage of a report like this? I have come up with a few ways:

1) This is a key report for marketers. Clearly TV is now not enough to disseminate information. Its imperative that all the new touch points are covered with the relevant info, allowing people to reach you wherever and whenever they are. Therefore thinks like Responsive design and mobi sites are now critical to brands as people expect to find you there. Apps will also play a key role in curating your brand experience across mobile devices.

2) Managing online reputation is key. Make sure when people find you, they don’t stumble across negative reviews on Facebook and Twitter and un answered questions on sites like Hello Peter.

3) People are also looking for easy ways to buy your product. Make sure that you provide links and platforms for them to easily convert (across all devices)

4) Search is also critical – an “Always on Search” strategy will help people and you. Also make sure you bid on competitor keywords – get found off the back of your competitors advertising strategy.

Infographic is here:

Full report is here:


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