The Connected Life

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The Connected Life is a new trend that is becoming more and more prevalent with advent of smartphones and fast internet connections, with location awareness.

Further to this, There’s been a lot of talk about “connected homes” i.e. homes that are connected and managed via the web. Well the trend seems to be moving to mobile (as are most things when it comes to digital)

3 new companies I’ve picked up on are all relying on mobile and connected homes to create awesome and unique experiences for home owners. This continues the trend of Hyper Personalisation that seems to be coming more and more prevalent. In addition the key here is simplicity as most of these require minimal upfront cost as well as DIY installation.

Check out:

This trend now seems to be moving to cars as well with most cars looking to developers to create app that link to them (Ford Sync being the most prevalent, but with others following quickly)  Ford Sync “helps you keep your eyes on the road and stay connected to your world” Once again simplicity and technology combine to make life a bit easier for the consumer. Also check out CES 2013 where this is a big trend and will give car manufacturers a new avenue to innovate and experiment with making cars even more

So mobile dominance continues its march with companies finding new and innovative ways to link smartphones to everyday life. Where to next?



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