iBeacons – the change in retail?

iBeacons are going to be big! That’s a big statement that I have no idea if it will be true or not. But here’s why I think that:

1) The timing is right. Think back to the failed bluetooth advertising that was prevalent in SA Malls – there was a large barrier to adoption and minimal value (turn on your bluetooth, find the setting somewhere in your feature phone menu, turn it on and immediately experience battery drain and then boom – you get a Gif or a Jpg with some branding and a message on it! The timing is right now because of smart phone adoption. People are more into their phones that never before and phones are capable of doing more than ever before. This means people are becoming more and more adept to receiving offers etc on their phones – in fact they are coming to expect it.

2) Location is a reality. Yes privacy is an issue and spying is creepy, but location awareness on a micro level is big. People are lazy we want things to come to us easily, and that what iBeacons do. Offers, specials, promotions come straight to you and that is made even more compelling by the next point

3) Context is king. A discount for 10% off your next purchase at Edgars is useless when you’re at home or work, but incredibly powerful to drive purchase behaviour if you’re already in the store and deciding whether or not to buy something. It’s the difference between a sale and someone leaving empty-handed.

4) Not just retail. I’ve focused on retail primarily in this post as that is where iBeacons can do the most damage, but the options are endless for companies to provide “on the go” value to mobile customers.

Heres more info on iBeacons


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