Clearly Google Think mobile is dead

This is what 2 of Googles top execs have said – in separate interviews. clearly a company wide mantra that is forming. Now let me be clear here – Google aren’t exactly saying mobile as we know it is dead and that no one is using mobile anymore. What they are saying (quite correctly) is that the idea of chasing customers from a mobile and mobile first perspective is over. This means that instead of creating customer experiences from a mobile perspective, it should be from a “reach” or “device agnostic” perspective. Let me explain. The basic premise behind this theory is that people now operate on multiple devices throughout their day – with more to be added.

For example, a person will work on a laptop, run to a meeting and use their tablet, check a message on their phone and then look at some info on their (soon to be coming) smartwatch and then watch a show on their smart TV!! The opportunities to touch people across a multitude of screens now becomes huge! So Google are saying think bigger, think multiscreen and reach, not just mobile.

This is an interesting philosophy that is sure to drive Google’s advertising strategy going forward. Dont be surprised if a new category on the Google GDN becomes “Target Smartwatches in xx area) or that one will be able to inject search onto a Smart TV.

Of course the key to all of this is a singular OS ecosystem and Google have that – Android. That will be the link that connects all of these devices. Couple that with their arsenal of data on their users and you have a magical holy grail of advertising!

Check out the video interview with Android design chief here:

and an excerpt from the interview with display boss Niel Mohan:

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