Ok so mobile is now huge!

Smartphone-Video-iStockI guess it’s now official – mobile is massive and growing with no end in sight.

I really enjoyed this article from the Next Web who break this down in a really concise post. Some key takeaways from this are:

1) Ad spend is rocketing on mobile. This is a worldwide trend – some countries are more advanced than others, but catch up is happening quickly

2) People are spending more and more time on mobile devices – up to 60% more! This will have major impact on how brands plan their future strategies and touch points

3) Retail needs to catch up quickly. Things like iBeacons and mobile POS are making retail stores more nimble and quicker to promote their wares via mobile. In addition mobile coupons are receiving more and more redemptions.

4) Social networks are seeing a huge portion of their users logging in via mobile – up to 76% on Twitter. Facebook also reached a billion mobile users last month.

5) Apps are becoming more and more essential to leverage sticky engagement

The opportunities are becoming endless. Brands who are not on mobile are going to get left behind and quickly!

Check out the article here

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